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Tool Number  J-49013
Tool Name  Multi-Use Tester-III (MUT-III)
  • J-49013-1 MUT III MFTA Software, 2 CD's
  • J-47376-2 VIM
  • J-47376-4 USB Cable, 2.0
  • J-47376-5 Cable, MUT III

  • Scan Tool System is used by service technicians to diagnose and repair vehicles. MUT-III reads the information broadcasted by the ECUs on the vehicle’s databus and relays the information through a cable connection to your laptop or desktop computer (not shipped). You can use MUT-III to retrieve failure codes, monitor engine, transmission and ABS data, and launch troubleshooting procedures for fault codes.

    System Requirements MUT-III requires the following hardware and software to run. • Laptop or desktop computer running Windows 2000 or Windows XP (Service Pack 1) • CD-Rom drive
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